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Meet Karen

Hi, I’m Karen

I’ve been through a LOT of transitions in my lifetime — some wonderful, some tragic; some planned, some completely unexpected.

I’ve been married to my best friend for over 30 years, and we have three amazing sons.  Two of them live nearby and one has transitioned to the next realm, but he is still with us.  The death of my oldest son completely changed everything about my life and thrust me into the “new normal” none of us ever wanted.  I have a deep passion to help other parents who’ve outlived a child, and anyone who has struggled with their own different life transitions.

I’ve had a successful corporate career in Information Technology and Agile Business Consulting, and now I’m following my passion of helping people find their own answers within.  In every role I’ve ever had, I’ve been a translator or bridge of sorts. Over the years, I’ve seen that we put a lot of focus on exercising logic and reason but very little focus on the intuitive, creative, and spiritual.  

I wanted to change that.

I’m now a Certified Creatively Fit Coach (CCFC),

an RYT- 200 yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and CBC-Y (Compassionate Bereavement Care) provider.  Art, yoga, journaling, and other tools are perfect ways to get in touch with the answers you already have within.

Let me guide you on your journey within.  Wonderland is calling!  

I’m now a Certified Creatively Fit Coach (CCFC),

and I’m finishing up by 200-hour yoga teacher training certification.  Art and yoga are both perfect ways to get in touch with the creativity you already have.

Let’s start a “conversation” with your intuitive mind.